Guide to Job Search

This is a tactical guide to managing expectations, communications, networking and organization for each phase of your job search. Networking is where 75-80% of people find their jobs.

But as networking can be a bit of a mystery, it’s where I’ve dedicated the bulk of the “Guide to Job Search”.

Many of the posts are based upon my own mistakes or those of others who were gracious enough to share.  This is the ‘gold’ you seek in advice as these mistakes were what caused us to be ineffective or frustrated.

With 100+ posts, unless you have wicked insomnia, I recommend you read a few at time based upon what’s relevant to you today.  Simply try out the ideas to make them your own.  Then come back for more.  The posts are kept intentionally short.

Posts from fellow candidates are marked with an asterisk and their names will be at the top.

If there is an area we do not cover, please use the “Contact” to reach me.

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