Paid Webinars


The following online Webinars will be priced affordably at $15 per webinar or $45 for an All Access Pass for ONE YEAR to all the webinars. 

WEBINAR ONE: The Three Most Important Documents = $15  
Your Resume is just one of three critical documents that help people help you.  This video walks through each document:  Their purpose and use, what makes them useful to the reader and how to use each  
WEBINAR TWO: Creating and Building a Personal Brand = $15  
Let’s take out the mystery and get it done.  The goal of this video is a simple guide that defines what a brand does, how to build one and how to use it.  
WEBINAR THREE: How to Get and Run an Excellent Networking Meeting = $15  
As networking accounts for 70-80% of jobs, this is where you put your documents and personal brand into action.   You will get the Full Monty: Setting up, Preparing, Executing and Follow-up – from my experience at 650+ meetings.You only get one chance to impress – let’s make the most of it.  
WEBINAR FOUR: Matching Yourself to a Job Opportunity = $15  
This is the most when it matters most to differentiate you from the competition.  It’s actually pretty simple once you learn how.  
WEBINAR FIVE: How to Prepare for An Interview = $15  
I’ve been on both sides of the table.  This will guide you on how to get ready, feel natural in answering questions and run a good interview (that’s right, you run it and feel confident doing so).  
If you can use all these webinars, then the best method is to buy all at once. This All Access Pass will give you 12 months worth of access to your webinars  

Once you purchase a webinar, you can watch it here as often as you like for 12 months.